Volumes are wound, Capa is drawn, and then what?

Volumes are wound, Capa is drawn, and then what?
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I think everyone is aware that exchanges draw daily trading volume using bots. Someone less, someone more, but they draw almost everything. If a $ 100,000 daily amount is wound on a coin, this does not mean that someone from the groats buys it. Developers simply pay the exchange for this visibility. This works the other way around. Altcoin may have few volumes if it is traded on an exchange that does not cheat. But this does not prevent large players from accumulating a position on this coin daily.

Since yesterday I started talking about Poloniex, I will give a good example. In 2016, most of the coins on the Polo had a daily volume of from 0.5 to $ 10 BTC. It's not thick, considering that the Bitcoin rate was then below $ 1000. Nevertheless, these were real volumes, and they were methodically bought up. At the beginning of 2017, the alt season began and all these coins made x5-x100, depending on the arrogance of the diaper. Along with rising prices, magically appeared volumes of 100 or even $ 1000 BTC. After the pump, delisting followed candy wrappers are already worked out and are not of interest.

What is the conclusion? Making decisions based on volumes is a dubious occupation. This also applies to Capitalization, which swells and collapses at the click of the fingers of interested persons.

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