The longest fall of viola.

The longest fall of viola.
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536 days have passed since the last alt season (December 2017). This is the longest period of stagnation in the history of the market. The second such period took only 385 days in 2015-2016. Why is this time so long?

We look at a chart that shows the dominance of Bitcoin's capitalization in relation to altos. Segments of alt seasons are highlighted in gray, during which #BTC dominance falls down. History has been going on since 2013, because only then did the altcoin market begin to form. At the very beginning, there were few altas and during the pamps they weakly omitted the dominance of Bitcoin.

Starting in 2017, the ICO bubble began to inflate and thousands of new candy wrappers were born. From that moment on, alt-seasons very strongly omit #BTC dominance and each time it will be more noticeable. Large players are forced to adapt to this state of affairs. We are talking about this tomorrow.

Bitcoin should always take a leading place. Before arranging the alt season, you need to accelerate Bitcoin's capitalization to high levels in advance. This will create room for further growth of large coins. If the whales did not adhere to this practice, then some Ether or Riple could have long overtaken the capitalization of #BTC and took its first place.

Replacing Bitkion as a leader is definitely not needed for large players who are moving this market and holding more than half of all available #BTC in their hands. These people are interested in maintaining Digital Gold status for Bitcoin and are unlikely to change their strategy in the near future.

Every year the number of violas only grows. Accelerating the dominance of Bitcoin is becoming more difficult and it takes more time. That is why we have not seen the long-awaited viola season for so long. But we can say for sure that this moment is getting closer.

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