The application of stable currency in the 2019 hype and stabilization, globalization, digital currency competition

The application of stable currency in the 2019 hype and stabilization, globalization, digital currency competition
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George Samman and Andrew Masanto wrote a wonderful new report on Stabilizing Digital Money in 2019, which provides an in-depth analysis of the historical issues of traditional currencies (legal currency) and why 16 countries now face more than 20% per year. Inflation, which has led to a strong interest in cryptocurrency projects aimed at developing stable digital currencies.

"This report clearly explains why the world needs a stable digital currency that gives people ownership and control on a global scale," said Reserve CEO Nevin Freeman. "The emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin is to meet this global demand, but the high volatility of today's cryptocurrencies has hampered their usefulness. Today, people in emerging economies need a way to protect their money, a Sending money/receiving money to family members in other countries, and merchants need a stable means of doing business. The stable market focuses on meeting these needs, and this report provides an in-depth look at the market companies for these solutions. The various methods that are brought to people.

The report is dedicated to distinguishing speculation from reality and showing the role that stable digital currencies will play in addressing the impact of inflation on people in these countries. The report "Stabilizing Digital Money in 2019 and Its Application in Stable, Global, Digital Currency Competition" is based on data collected from 40 cryptocurrencies and stable digital currency companies, by third-party blockchains and Written by cryptocurrency industry veteran George Samman.

Jonas Karlberg, CEO of blockchain consulting firm AmaZix, said: "One of the challenges in the development of digital currency is that it is difficult to distinguish between speculation and facts. This report has made great progress in this area and has been realistic about stabilizing digital currencies. Considering that it provides a valuable resource and starting point to understand the need for hype to drive stable digital currency as a bridge between cryptocurrency and traditional currency, while at the same time establishing this understanding in sound research and related case studies. Foundation.”

Fran Strajnar, founder and CEO of Brave New Coin, said: Whether you like it or not, stabilizing digital currency is definitely a big deal now. This report is a detailed description of who is making what and how to make it. Very good. This will be a competitive space worthy of attention, and we look forward to the cryptocurrency issued by the state to get rid of this trend.

This independent report was submitted by a consortium of cryptocurrencies and companies in the stable market, including Reserve, Arrington XRP Capital, BlockTower, AmaZix and Brave New Coin (BNC), and came up with a globally stable digital currency movement. the following conclusions:

  1. encryption currency rise as a new asset class brings a new model for the financial system, in this mode, not only the currency issued by the government and create
  2. digital price stability The development of money (stable currency) plays a crucial role in the operation of this new decentralized economic era.
  3. Developed countries with stable legal tenders will not adopt these new stable digital currencies in the early days. High-inflation developing countries will promote the rapid adoption of stable currencies.
  4. Although the current stable digital currency is only pegged to the US dollar, it is expected that stable digital currencies will be linked to a diversified tokenized asset rather than the US dollar.
  5. the digital currency stable vision is to be decentralized Internet central Bank. only through real power decentralization, emerging markets People, especially those who live under authoritarian regimes needs can be met without having to worry about the stability of the currency will be closed.

Although highly stable digital currency speculation, but stable digital currency industry is not without its challenges. This report explores potential design issues that may hinder the stable digital currency mechanism linked to the US dollar. It is necessary to stabilize the digital currency beyond the dollar-linked mechanism in order to truly resist the censorship system. Large companies like Facebook may use themselves. The stock entered the market, etc.

Freeman said: "In the past year, the stable digital currency market has made great progress, but there is still much work to be done. What we need is to strengthen coordination between projects, pay more attention to the application of stable digital currency, and use them to solve real-world problems.

He explained: "There are no technical reasons or technical barriers to stop the flow of funds like information. The architecture of World Wire is actually a cross-border payment network. The magic is that it can send payment instructions and tell you Say: 'Hey, I want to send you something, I am ready.' On the other side, the receiver can let you make sure that the sending object is not a bad person.

IBM is using a stellar network containing BWW as an intermediate currency and payment transaction. Means of handling fees.

In addition, Lund also revealed that IBM is building alliances with other encryption assets. The IBM executive said the company believes digital asset networks can provide settlement tools to enable cross-border payments. At the same time, participants in the network should be able to make real-time choices at will.

"It could be Ripple or Bitcoin, but it could also include other tools, such as stable currency, or even a digital currency issued by the central bank," concludes Lund.

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