Portions of different coins in a portfolio

Portions of different coins in a portfolio
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Starting in 2017, all altcoins began to move in the same way, as if it were one index. Diversification between coins no longer plays an important role as before. The only diversification you need to take care of is the share of your #BTC relative to the rest of the altos in the portfolio.

It makes no sense to split your deposit into 20 different coins, losing a large percentage on commissions, and then spending time tracking progress on each project. It will be much more efficient to choose no more than 5-7 altcoins, and make a plan for the proportion of BTC / alto in your portfolio.

In a previous post, we found that an increase in #BTC and an active influx of fresh blood increase the chances of an alt season. This means that the higher the price of Bitcoin and the hype in the crowd, the more part of the portfolio can be allocated for altcoins, which can later be sold on the pump. Let me remind you that in 2017 the first altseason began after Bitcoin broke through the previous highs ($ 1000).

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