Lightning token (LNCH) decentralized trading operating system

Lightning token (LNCH) decentralized trading operating system
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The Lightning Token (LNCH) is expected to be a new decentralized trading protocol that helps users build decentralized trading applications more efficiently and run faster than the corresponding centralized trading. More scalable. The Lightning Token (LNCH) is an open source software in the LaunchPAD blockchain technology stack that supports the infrastructure and functions of decentralized transactions, such as scheduling transactions, executing transactions, and controlling applications that interact with these frameworks.

Much like Windows / Linux / MacOS, it uses a built-in cryptocurrency-based incentive to support a shared distributed structure of decentralized exchanges using shared ledger blockchain technology. In short, this is an open source operating system with its own version of the unimpeded point-to-point electronic cash system (also known as the Lightning Token (LNCH)). As an infrastructure, it will be able to asynchronously support any unimpeded decentralized transaction, just like the list of all programs that "run at the same time" in the Computer Task Manager.

Compared to Ethereum decentralization, multi-operating computer clusters, decentralized trading systems are, to some extent, more focused products. Application tokens running on the Lightning Token (LNCH) can be hard-forked (the so-called "update" in traditional software terminology) without affecting the Lightning Token (LNCH) itself.

If DAO can be designed to be more like an operating system than an all-inclusive centralized state machine, 2016 DAO events can be avoided. The Lightning Token (LNCH) may be gradually growing into a widely used decentralized trading consumer product with a solid technical architecture. Just like the Internet, it makes the exchange of information, data and value possible, and it is very difficult to shut down or monitor this exchange. This operating system-based build introduces a blockchain platform that can't be disrupted by hard forks to the existing first and second generation blockchain architectures, and introduces an inspiring, popular change.

In order to achieve a distributed exchange of data, information and value in a hidden, secure and unregulated manner, it is necessary to have an indestructible infrastructure. An indestructible infrastructure is also a key part of realizing the blockchain technology to the general public in the future of the token economy and the programmable currency society.

The technical approach to the development of the blockchain technology architecture proposed by the Lightning Token (LNCH) enables the scalability and applicability based on smart contracts and application tokens, and can ultimately be paralleled on the same blockchain operating system architecture. Support for many different programming languages. This bridges all blockchains in a decentralized and distributed way, making it possible to simultaneously use multiple blockchains connected to a common operating system, and to exchange information, data, and information between incompatible technologies and applications. Distributed exchange of values.