ICOAGE provides investors with global ICO project information

ICOAGE provides investors with global ICO project information
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ICOAGE is a platform that provides investors with global ICO project information, helps investors understand the project, and provides a complete service solution for the global ICO project. Whether it is for investors involved in ICO projects, or ready to ICO projects or start-ups to provide a complete one-stop solution.

The most complete ICO information

Our team has always collected the latest and most comprehensive ICO project information around the world, keeping abreast of the latest blockchain technology, industry development and various project progress, helping investors to make more interests for themselves. Investment decisions.

Powerful media platform is the professional ICO platform of China's most professional blockchain media ChainB (blockchain pencil), blockchain pencil can cover more investors from the financial industry and major traditional industries, not just Bitcoin industry crowd.

The project's outstanding partners provide all-round management of pre-, post-, and post-investment for various ICO projects, helping the ICO team to understand the entire market to the maximum extent, helping the team to designate appropriate ICO strategies, monitoring market feedback in the ICO, and enabling ICO. Get the most success.

Professional ICO Service

Our professional team is able to conduct detailed and comprehensive due diligence on the ICO project, assessing the background of the project team and the status of its technology in the industry and its future prospects, and doing its utmost to ensure the interests of investors.

One-stop investment management provides investors with a one-stop management system that allows investors to invest in RMB or various digital currencies, minimizing the technical barriers for investors to participate in ICO, and helping investors manage the types of participation at any time project.

The huge industry influence has always maintained close and good relations with blockchain start-ups, various research institutions, industry giants and governments at home and abroad, not only with the world's leading blockchain companies, but also with more help. The project successfully carried out ICO.

What is ICO?

ICO (Initial Crypto-Token Offering) refers to financing by issuing a Crypto-Token. There are many blockchain projects that are presented in the form of DAOs, so they can issue tokens to represent some of the proceeds or shares of the project. Each project issues the corresponding tokens to investors according to the proportion of the investor's investment amount, and these tokens can often be traded in some digital token exchanges.

ICO financing allows those investors to trade almost every minute, which gives investors a very good share of liquidity, which also leads to a higher premium for project valuation. As a unique financing method for the blockchain industry, it is likely to change the entire blockchain and even the financing of other industries.

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