IBM executives predict bitcoin prices will reach $1 million

IBM executives predict bitcoin prices will reach $1 million
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An IBM executive recently said he is not worried about the current market situation and believes that the price of Bitcoin may reach $1 million in the future.

Jesse Lund, IBM's vice president of blockchain and digital currency business, shared his predictions at the IBM Think 2019 conference held February 12-15, 2019.

It will reach $5,000 in 2019 and will break through a million in the future. At the end of the roundtable discussion, IBM executive Lund was asked what the bitcoin price would be at the end of the year. He said that by the end of this year Bitcoin may break through the $5,000 mark, and he added that Bitcoin "will one day reach $1 million."

Later, Lund explained the reasons for his million-dollar forecast: "If Bitcoin prices reach $1 million, then a Cong is equivalent to one cent." He believes that such valuation means the world's most valuable. The liquidity value of digital asset networks will exceed $20 trillion.

He went on to say that with such a large liquidity, there are likely to be major changes in the way global companies pay.

Finally, he said, "I think there may be $5,000 at the end of this year, but I am more optimistic about its higher rising trajectory in the future."

IBM, the stellar agreement and future partners

in the interview, Lund also talked about IBM's recent presence in the district. Some efforts on the blockchain, especially with the Star Protocol Network (XLM), and IBM's desire to integrate the stellar network into its cross-border universal payment system, "IBM Blockchain World Wire" (IBM BWW).

He explained: "There are no technical reasons or technical barriers to stop the flow of funds like information. The architecture of World Wire is actually a cross-border payment network. The magic is that it can send payment instructions and tell you Say: 'Hey, I want to send you something, I am ready.' On the other side, the receiver can let you make sure that the sending object is not a bad person.

IBM is using a stellar network containing BWW as an intermediate currency and payment transaction. Means of handling fees.

In addition, Lund also revealed that IBM is building alliances with other encryption assets. The IBM executive said the company believes digital asset networks can provide settlement tools to enable cross-border payments. At the same time, participants in the network should be able to make real-time choices at will.

"It could be Ripple or Bitcoin, but it could also include other tools, such as stable currency, or even a digital currency issued by the central bank," concludes Lund.