Four trends in bitcoin in 2019

Four trends in bitcoin in 2019
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Nowadays, people are starting to evaluate topics and industry trends that may be popular in the coming year. The Bitcoin field is no exception. Investors and enthusiasts may notice what trends will occur and this article will cover the four trends.

1. Compatible with Bitcoin ATM Large-area

report shows that 2019 will be the year that Bitcoin ATM takes off in various cities in the United States. Chicago has recently added 30 machines, bringing the total number of cities to nearly 100, and the number in Philadelphia is roughly the same.

These ATMs can only distribute Bitcoin, but traditional ATMs in New York are now also compatible with Bitcoin. Interested parties can use the Bitcoin payment provider LibertyX to create an account, and after the approval process, they can use an ATM debit card to purchase Bitcoins worth up to $3,000 per day.

These ATMs can encourage people to start using Bitcoin or start processing cryptocurrencies more widely than before. People are used to using ATMs to meet their economic needs, so it is not difficult to get Bitcoin from ATMs.

2. More central banks will be involved in Bitcoin and other

cryptocurrencies One reason people generally prefer Bitcoin is that they can use Bitcoin without a bank account. However, in 2019, one of the bitcoin trends that may become apparent is that the central bank began to support cryptocurrencies by supplementing its gold reserves.

At the first bitcoin summit in Israel, Bitcoin pioneer Nick Szabo outlined why he predicted more countries, especially in places where extreme conflicts or financial mismanagement would start using cryptocurrencies, he also believed that the central bank would Start to supplement its gold reserves with cryptocurrency.

Szabo explained: “For example, in some cases, the central bank cannot trust foreign central banks or government bonds. One solution that already exists is to have the Swiss government host it – but this is not a solution to minimize trust. The Swiss government itself Will be under political pressure, so the solution to the least trust is to encrypt the currency.” In 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde also expressed why the central bank should issue cryptocurrency. This trend may not be fully adopted in 2019, but it is obvious that the central bank should not evade bitcoin or the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Just this week, JPMorgan announced that it will launch its own "cryptocurrency", and JPM Coin has received a lot of criticism.

3. Bitcoin tourism will increase

in May 2013, and some people spent 10,000 BTC on pizza, but the recent trend is that many companies and places encourage tourists to spend bitcoins while traveling. In March 2018, the German Tourism Board began accepting bitcoin.

Recently, an Australian beach town in central Queensland became the first digital currency-friendly tourist city.

When people travel to different countries, the first thing they usually do is to visit the currency exchange center. If this trend continues, one can give up this necessity and travel only with bitcoin. Doing so requires planning, but in the end it may be more convenient for travelers who don't want to deal with traditional funds when they are out.

4. Smartphones that can store Bitcoin add a

look at future technology plans for technology brands that show that smartphones will become integrated wallets that store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. At the end of 2018, HTC announced Exodus 1, a blockchain phone with a wallet that people can only buy in cryptocurrency.

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be able to obtain a wallet of cryptocurrency software through a trademark invention called Samsung Blockchain KeyStore.

It's too early to say how successful such a phone is, but if users prefer this approach to buying a hardware wallet, these early adopters may trigger a more important trend. Technology brands often look at what competitors do, and if they seem feasible, they will provide similar products in less time.

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