The only thing missing in the cryptocurrency field is a generic hosting protocol

The only thing missing in the cryptocurrency field is a generic hosting protocol
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Just like TCP/IP for the Internet, the decentralized hosting protocol option provided by default will turn the blockchain itself into a marketplace—the ability to set and follow the exchange of values between blockchains. Any type of value: tokens, real estate, services, voting in any form, etc.

This is a declarative agreement - an intent agreement to exchange values, in the case of any exchange, it always appears before the actual transaction. It's time to be fully compatible with all blockchains, just as TCP/IP is now compatible with all devices.

We don't need more smart contracts. We don't need more "stabilized coins." We only need to give the blockchain a language.

If there is more than one button in each token wallet - a "managed" button, this is as natural to any wallet as the current "send" button - so why Alis and Bob need some sort of Formal trading platforms to exchange value? They can easily reach an agreement via email or Twitter to exchange their escrow address because they know that their value will first safely enter their respective blockchain before the actual exchange takes place. In the hosting layer. The exchange will only take place if both parties agree to terminate the custody according to the conditions they set. Does not involve third parties. (After all, if the blockchain can safely exchange values between addresses in a no-trust system, why don't we use the same mechanism to securely host values in a trust-free system to safely satisfy the exchange conditions?)

The hosted address may be in human readable form, just like the current email. Therefore, when a group of merchants get together, they exchange business cards with the escrow address and then print them in a readable form on the business card (for example: YOUR-BUISNESS@YOUR-BLOCKCHAIN@YOUR-EMAIL) or a simple QR code.

You might say that we have decentralized exchanges, but if you look deeper, you will understand that they are only partially decentralized. The protocol process itself is still carried out through a platform and is therefore concentrated to some extent. I recommend not using a decentralized platform, ie the hosting mechanism is provided at the protocol level and therefore does not depend on a particular blockchain - as it is generic. Therefore, the startup exchange process does not require any form of platform, which makes the whole process more dispersed. You can also post your offer on Facebook or Reddit and give your escrow address instead of making your address public (you may wish to keep the public confidential if you wish).

There is another benefit - node diffusion

Because you make your tokens work hard to ensure hosting, then the actual switching node operator gets all the fees. This spreads the insensitive nodes to any given blockchain. So you can eliminate those bad, bad blockchains.

The answer is simple: because the system will fall apart otherwise

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