BEAM Coin mining tutorial

BEAM Coin mining tutorial
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Beam is based on the MimbleWimble protocol and has good privacy protection and scalability. In the first 12 to 18 months, in order to ensure its ASIC resistance, a hard fork will be performed every half a year to adjust the mining algorithm. The current mining algorithm is Equihash 150, 5.

First, mining equipment and mining environment

Mining equipment: support CPU, GPU (N card, A card, memory requirements 4G and above) mining, does not support such as A9, Z9 and other ASIC mining machines. The GTX1060 3G card can also be dug, currently only supported by minerOS.

Operating system: Windows, Linux, currently does not support Mac systems.

Mining software: Bminer (NVIDIA & AMD), BEAM official cuda-miner (NIVDIA), BEAM official opencl-miner (AMD).

Second, the acquisition of the wallet address

Is currently supported by the exchange, but has not been officially certified by BEAM, the wallet can not be audited, the use of risk, do not recommend. The full-node wallet can be obtained by:

Full-node wallet:

When generating the wallet address, select never for the Expires option to avoid loss due to wallet address failure; The mnemonic must be kept, don't leak, and you need to use it when you use it on your new device or restore your wallet. BEAM wallet official use tutorial, click here to view.

Third, the acquisition mining software

Mining software can be obtained through the following link.

F2Pool version (NVIDIA & AMD): [ Baidu network disk? [ Mega Cloud Disk ]

The F2Pool version has created a batch file for the miners. The default mine pool is the fish pond F2Pool. Simply replace the wallet address in the configuration parameters with your BEAM wallet address and save the settings.

The original miner software:

Bminer original link:
BEAM official original link:

The original miner software requires the miners to create their own batch files, and Refer to the following parameters for configuration.

Fourth, set mining parameters, start mining

4.1 Bminer mining software settings (support N card, A card)

Download the Bminer mining software, select "Unzip the file to the current folder" and find the "start.bat" file, as shown below:

Right click on "start.bat" and select "Edit". In the start.bat file, the parameters are set as follows:

bminer -uri beam+ssl:// :5000

As shown below . Set the BEAM pool address and set the miner's own BEAM billing address and miner number. If there are multiple machines, the miner number can be used to distinguish the machine, and the wallet address and miner number are separated by a period ".". When modifying, only the corresponding characters should be modified, and the spaces and punctuation should not be increased or decreased.

After the mining parameters are set, save and run the start.bat file to start mining.

4.2 BEAM official mining software settings

Take the N card as an example. After obtaining the mining software, extract it to the current folder and find the start.bat file.

Right click on "start.bat", select Edit, open the file, and the mining parameters are set as follows:

N card:
beam-cuda-miner -server key

A card:
beam-opencl-miner server key

As shown below, check the BEAM pool address and port number, and set your own BEAM receipt address and miner number. The wallet address and miner number are separated by the period “.” open.

Then, save and run the "start.bat" file and start mining.

5. Mining machine monitoring and revenue review

  1. After the machine runs for a while and submits the data to the mining pool, you can check the running status and income of the mining machine. You can visit the official website of F2Pool (https:// In the upper right corner of the search bar, enter the wallet address and click View to view the mine status and revenue status
  2. You can also use the fish pond App, select "Quick View" in the lower right corner on the login page, enter the BEAM wallet address set in the mining software to log in
  3. there are doubts about BEAM mining, need to seek help, you can add QQ group, F2Pool official BEAM exchange group: 686502083.

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