XRP Price Jumps the Most On Monday, Takes 2nd Place in Past Week

XRP Price Jumps the Most On Monday, Takes 2nd Place in Past Week
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After the rally last week, XRP continues to be among the best performing major coins this Monday.

We saw the third coin by total market capitalization rally last week, when it had appreciated 7% in the week before and 5.6% in just a day. The numbers are actually higher this week, most of which XRP spent trading sideways. Since the rally we last discussed, it’s up 8.83%, but the rise is particularly prominent in the last 24 hours – or the last several hours to be more precise – during which the price went up by 5.83%.

XRP now (7:35 UTC) stands at USD 0.29, which is its highest price in the past week. The lowest is USD 0.26, which it hit several times during the course of the past seven days. Nevertheless, when we observe its last month, there is a clear, though irregular rise starting at the end of September, having rallied on September 30th, then again on October 7th, but still being on an upwards trajectory, despite the drops following each rally.

XRP price chart:

Comparing XRP to the other coins on the entirely green top 10 list, we find Binance Coin (BNB) leading the list with the highest and the only double-digit percentage climb in the last week of 20%. The least to appreciate is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 0.83%. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is somewhere in the middle, being up 5.37%.

The situation is different when ranking these coins based on their performance in the past 24 hours. XRP clearly leads here, with BNB in the second place with 4.39%. While BTC is unchanged, the only one in the red here is Bitcoin SV (BSV), which dropped 1.22%.

In the last week, Ripple came out with several announcements:

Ripple partnered with London-based financial technology company Finastra; Ripple’s blockchain technology will be offered through Finastra’s payments solutions to support fast cross-border payments. Finastra’s customers will have access to RippleNet, hence to On-Demand Liquidity too, and they’ll be able to connect and transact with more than 200 financial institutions worldwide that are RippleNet partners, the announcement says, while the partners can access Finastra’s global footprint. A Cape Town-based fintech company, Xago, launched its Ripple gateway and custom built exchange in South Africa, which connects to and utilizes RippleNet to trade, send and receive only XRP.Ripple announced on Friday that their developer initiative Xpring platform has invested in BRD crypto wallets with whom they’ve partnered, which will build on Xpring to support and integrate XRP into the BRD wallet, enabling their customers to hold, buy, sell, spend, and send XRP across the world, says the announcement.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Ripple made a number of announcements recently: a new Xpring SDK (software development kit) was made available; the company partnered with a major global blockchain payments provider BitPay, blockchain analysis company Chainalysis, and digital asset custody Anchorage, among other updates. We’ve also just recently reported on why Ripple removed xRapid, xVia and xCurrent from their site, creating RippleNet instead.

In the meantime, Crypto Twitter is discussing this latest price climb, though in different ways. Many, however, find that XRP will explode, but that there will be a storm, or a rollercoaster, before that.

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