Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 21

Crypto Listing & Delisting Announcements: Week 21
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Below is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting announcements by cryptocurrency exchanges that we found last week.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


Binance Listings: Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

BiteBTC Delistings: Gravity (GZRO) Stronghands (SHND)

Bitfinex Listings: UNUS SED LEO (LEO)

Bitker Listings: Revain (R)

Bitrabbit Listings: Ace (ACE)

Bitrue Listings: Zap (ZAP)

Bittrex Listings: Vodi X (VDX) Delistings: Dopecoin (DOPE) Cannabiscoin (CANN) Eboost (EBST) Cashbet Coin (CBC)

Bit-Z Listings: Cosmos (ATOM) Delistings: C-BIT (XCT) Globalvillage Ecosystem (GVE) Esports Token (EST) Listings: Beetle Coin (BEET)

Coinbase Listings: Dai (DAI)

Coineal Listings: ILCoin(ILC)

Coinex Listings: Dero (DERO)

Coinlim Listings: PKG Token (PKG)

Cointiger Listings: Crypto.Com Chain (CRO)

Dragonex Listings: Leocoin (LEO)

FatBTC Listings: Tronipay (TRP)

Hubi Listings: Veil (VEIL)

IDAX Listings: Kin (KIN)

IDEX Delistings: DFSCoin (DFS)

KuCoin Listings: Silent Notary (SNTR) Cosmos (ATOM) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Liquid Delistings: Signals Network (SGN) Earth Token (EARTH)

Mercatox Listings: XcelToken Plus (XLAB)

Payfair Listings: Opacity (OPQ)

Probit Exchange Listings: ScanetchaiN (SWC) KickCoin (KICK)

Trade Satoshi Delistings: Bionic (BNC) Mirai (MRI) BunnyCoin (BUN) HTMLCoin (HTML) Espers (ESP)

Upbit Listings: Vodi X (VDX)

YoBit Listings: Wowcoin (WOW) Decentraland (MANA) Matic Network (MATIC)

ZBX Listings: TRON (TRX)

Livecoin Listings: Telcoin (TEL) Enigma (ENG) UTRUST (UTK) Odyssey (OCN) WaBi (WABI) Arcblock (ABT) Cindicator (CND) Dragonchain (DRGN) Tether (USDT) RChain (RHOC)

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