Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 52

Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 52
(Source: iStock/cobalt)

Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by cryptocurrency exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


Binance DEX Added new trading pair: BNB/ETH

Bitfare Listings: Jobchain (JOB) ProximaX (XPX) Huptex (HTX) Metronome (MET)

BitForex Delistings: Globatalent (GBT) Ternio (TERN) Bispex (BPX) Removed trading pairs: QQQ/ETH KIN/ETH UOS/USDT DACC/USDT

Bithumb Listings: LUNA (LUNA)

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BitMax Listings: Insolar (XNS) Tokoin (TOKO)

Bittrex Listings: Xensor (XSR)

Bit-Z Listings: Amo Coin (AMO)

Btrade Listings: eXPerience Chain (XPC)

Crex24 Listings: Allsafe Coin (BTCT) PlayFuel (PLF) FujiCoin (FJC) Delistings: Zoomba Coin (ZBA) Urals Coin (URALS) MonacoCoin (XMCC) Motion Coin (XMN)

CoinEX Listings: Enjin (ENJ) Matic Network (MATIC) Kusama (KSM) Sumokoin (SUMO) Synthetic (SNX) Matic Network (MATIC) Kusama (KSM) Sumokoin (SUMO)

DigiFinex Listings: PlayFuel (PLF)

HitBTC Listings: NAV Coin (NAV) Parabox (PAD)

Hotbit Listings: Gny Coin (GNY) Playfuel (PLF) Orbyt (ORBYT) ELA Coin (ELAC) FIC Network (FIC)

IDEX Listings: Pegnet CAD (PCAD) Pegnet SGD (PSGD) Pegnet HKD (PHKD) Pegnet PHP (PPHP) Pegnet GBP (PGBP) Pegnet CNY (PCNY) Pegnet XBC (PXBC) Pegnet MXN (PMXN) Pegnet BRL (PBRL) Pegnet CHF (PCHF) Delistings: (NEXT)

KuCoin Listings: Verasity (VRA)

LATOKEN Listings: 50X Token (50X) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

Lbank Listings: Cosmos (ATOM)

Livecoin Listings: Molecular Future (MOF) Centrality (CENNZ) Mindol (MIN) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) FTX Token (FTT)

OKEx Delistings: OFCOIN (OF) ugChain (UGC) Merculet (MVP) UCOT (UCT) IPChain (IPC) Olympus Labs (MOT) Insolar (INS) RealChain (RCT) CIChain (CIC) TokenStars (ACE) CAI.TODAY (CAI) Delphy (DPY) Hi Mutual Society (HMC) LightChain (LIGHT) SelfSell (SSC) WinToken (WIN)

Poloniex Delistings: DigiByte (DGB) Factom (FCT) MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Omni (OMNI) Primecoin (XPM) Vertcoin (VTC) Viacoin (VIA)

ProBit Listings: Kukystar (KUKY) RenderToken (RNDR) EurekaCoin (ERK) PRIZM (PZM) BitGreen (BITG)

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