Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 51

Crypto Listing and Delisting Announcements: Week 51
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Here is our weekly collection of digital asset listing and delisting, trading pair-related announcements by cryptocurrency exchanges that we found last week and today.

Have we missed something? Do you have information about new listings and/or delistings? Let us know here.


Binance Listings: FTX Token (FTT) Trias (TRY) Removed trading pairs: USDS/TUSD USDS/PAX SYS/BNB QLC/BNB ETC/TUSD

Binance DEX Listings: Yin Lang (STYL)

Bitfare Listings: DERO (DERO) Pirate Chain (ARRR) Syscoin (SYS) Pegnet (PEG) Sumokoin (SUMO) Horizen (ZEN) Datacoin (DATA) Weown (CHX) Tezos (XTZ) GxChain (GXC) Bittorrent (BTT)

Bithumb Listings: Tachyon Protocol (IPX)

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Bittrex Listings: Tezos (XTZ)

Coinbase Listings: Orchid (OXT)

Crex24 Listings: Bitcoin Token (BTCT) Malware Chain (MALW) Konjungate (KONJ) Bitcoin One (BTCONE) Delistings: RCoin USA (RCNUSA) Traid Platform (TRAID)

DigiFinex Listings: Nano (NANO) Doch Coin (DCH) Bet Protocol (BEPRO) Ethereum Gold (EHT)

Hotbit Listings: Marshal Lion Group Coin (MLGC) SWYFT Coin (SWYFTT) FinCredit Protocol (FIC) Filecoin (FIL) Elamachain (ELAC) Kadena (KDA)

KuCoin Listings: BetProtocol (BEPRO)

LATOKEN Listings: Apollo (APL) KaratGold Token (KBC)

Livecoin Listings: EDUCare (EKT) Molecular Future (MOF) Swipe (SXP) Centrality (CENNZ) Minerals (MIN) Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Seele (SEELE) Synthetix Network Token (SNX) FTX Token (FTT)

OKEx Listings: Dai (DAI)

ProBit Listings: Hanacoin (HANA) Pocket Node (NODE) Nexxus (NXR) SaveToken (SAVE) Pluton (PLU) BTCCredit (BTCC) CPS Coin (CPS) Philips Pay Coin (PPC) Jobchain (JOB)

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