Chainlink Price Jumps 33% in a Week, Best Performer in the Top 20

Chainlink Price Jumps 33% in a Week, Best Performer in the Top 20
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With only a few coins in the red, the things have been looking up for the top 20 coins by market capitalization in the past week. Still, the best-performing is without a doubt Chainlink (LINK), that jumped over twice as much as the second-placed Tron.

Though the events at the end of September were sudden, even if the Cryptoverse has gotten used to the volatility of the crypto market by now, the market seems to be recovering somewhat in the last seven days. At the very least, it’s seeing more of the color green based on the coins’ performance in that time frame.

Fifteenth by the market capitalization (USD 784 million), Chainlink appreciated 32% (11:40 UTC) over the course of seven days. Its other numbers are no less impressive, as it’s seen a 29% rise in the last month, which is red for a number of its colleagues, and whopping 568% in the past year. Unlike most of the top 20 coins, Chainlink continues its rise in the last 24 hours as well and is up by 9%, to USD 2.24.

LINK price chart:

Looking at its chart in the past year, there is a very prominent peak on July 2nd, when the price climbed up to USD 3.58. It is the coin’s highest value in this time period, while its lowest is USD 0.20 recorded in December 2018. The last quarter, however, shows a steady drop from the July levels to USD 1.5 level in September. Another peak is visible on September 24th, when many coins saw a jump, reaching USD 2. Though it dropped soon afterwards, the chart shows a gradual climb since, with no major dips and standard price fluctuations.

In this category, Tron is in the second place, having appreciated 12% in the last week, and it’s the only other coin with a double-digit rise among the top 20 coins. It has also appreciated almost 5% in the past 24 hours.

Despite the reason for the rally is unknown, the Cryptoverse seems to be reacting quite positively to this recent development in the Chainlink performance, with posts online being overwhelmingly bullish, praising the coin and celebrating its good performance, and some even speculating that some news might be coming out of Chainlink soon:

I think we will find out something that’s brewing for $link #chainlink this week.

— Littlelinkgatherer (@Littlelinkgath1)

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